The Common Weather in Arkansas

Arkansas Weather

Arkansas is a state located in the Southern parts of the United States of America. It borders the Mississippi River and is popular for its park and wilderness areas. Its terrain consists of rivers, caves, hot springs and mountains. Limestone caves and hiking trails such as Blanchard Springs Caverns can be found towards the Northern part of the Ozarks region. A lot of these features end up becoming spots of tourism, so it’s definitely a plus to be knowledgeable of the weather condition in Arkansas.

The weather at Arkansas is often mild and normally enjoyable. Nearly throughout the entire year, Arkansas offers beautiful scenic images and lots of opportunities for outdoor fun and site seeing. There are four distinct, yet temperate seasons, thereby, making Arkansas one of the best vacation spots in the US. During the spring and Fall the weather becomes rather mild with hot and humid days during the late summer, and during the winter period when temperatures occasionally decrease sharply into the tens or lower making the wind get a bit chilly.

The weather at Arkansas often changes radically because of the influence of the surrounding weather. When several weather systems converge, clouds are formed, temperature changes and this is most times followed by precipitation.

Monthly Status

In January, the average maximum temperature is about 49.5°F, while the average minimum temperature reaches 28.8°. January temperatures at times drop below the average minimum causing an occasional drop below the 0 range. This makes it the month with the heaviest snowfall.

Average maximum temperature in February is about 51.8°F and the average minimum temperature gets to just about 31.8°F. There is just little in low temperature variation between the months of January and February.

At March, the average maximum temperature reaches 62.5°F while the average minimum temperature is about 40.2°F. March ushers in spring; however, one last snowfall may occur in some areas.

During the month of April, the average maximum temperature goes up to 73.6°F and the average minimum temperature gets to 50.3°F. April, you may say, is the first true month of spring as the temperature gets warmer. Increased rainfall and potential tornadoes may occur.

May is one of the best months in Arkansas to travel. The weather becomes moderate as early wildflowers bud, and trees start to show plenty of new growth, making the scenery more beautiful.

June is the period in summer when the heat and humidity starts to be noticeable. Temperatures remain fairly moderate, skies become clear and a lot of outdoor activities of all sorts start increasing.

In July, temperature highs reach temperatures of above 100°F for a while. Towards the ending of July water sports become the most popular of activities.

August has temperatures which frequently get very high as humidity levels become quite high.

September marks the transition from summer heat to the cool autumn.

October marks the beginning of autumn as tree leaves start to deepen in color.

Light frost becomes common during November. As the month progresses, cold begins to set in.

December is the beginning of the winter as heavy frosts become common.

How to have Fun during an Arkansas Summer

Arkansas has a special display of mountains, plains and luscious delta. There is quite an interesting history with its Western frontier, Ozark areas and the “Old South”. If you decide to spend time enjoying the city areas or outdoor activities which involve a large amount of natural resources, you will end up feeling at home. Go hunting for ducks, deer or wild turkey, shopping for priceless antiques, fishing for trout, digging for diamonds and other crystals, or metal detecting, Arkansas activities will always have something for everyone to do.

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is an upcoming activity in Arkansas; especially now that more improved and sophisticated metal detectors are being produced. The surprise of finding something after a long search and the greater one of realizing you’ve found a piece of history, thrills almost about anybody. One popular metal detecting spot are The Ozark Mountains; filled with many types of crystals and geological structures.


The cultural and arts scenes in Arkansas quite popular, with new art galleries, museums, community theatres, and other popular art locations open almost daily. In November 2011, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville was opened; this sent shock-waves throughout the art world. The awesome collection which was compiled by Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton is housed in an artwork itself. It was designed by Moshe Safdie, a popular architect; the glass and wood structure emphasizes art indoors and art by nature, outdoors. Admission into the museum is free.


Say you’re looking for a catchy place to shoot a movie or want to visit the actual scene in a favorite movie; Arkansas has a list of locations just for that. Arkansans have been in the movie industry since early 1900s.

Cultural and creative expression in the arts can be seen all over Arkansas; annual music events, craft fairs, art museums and galleries, limited special presentations and popular festivals and annual celebrations. Other fun attractions include classical music presentations, theatrical performances and rock concerts with popular guest artists.


Nightlife in Arkansas is so much more interesting and has a lot more to it than just nightclubs. Little Rock is known for River Market while the town of Fayetteville is popular for Dickson Street. Hot Springs, Fort Smith and some other areas have late night entertainment as well which includes dance floors, pool rooms, comedy clubs, open mike night, and midnight movies.


Shopping and Spa Trips

One known way to relax after a stressful time is with a hot mineral bath or a rejuvenating spa treatment. Arkansas offers both. There are dozens of day spas in Arkansas; Little Rock, Eureka Springs, Mountain View and Hot Springs.

Arkansas has many places to meet your shopping needs and tastes. Souvenirs and quality handmade items are available at flea markets. Offbeat shops, specialty boutiques, and department stores are also available, fall craft fairs and carnival take place during the summer time. Shopping in Arkansas is enjoyable for all ages, pockets and interests. The same goes for any other activity that goes on in the busy, yet relaxing state of Arkansas.

A Typical Arkansas Summer

Arkansas is located in between Missouri and Louisiana. Arkansas imaginatively looks like a square with a slanted eastern edge which runs along the Mississippi River. The complete state goes through four different seasons, however the difference in topography between the highlands and lowlands contribute to slight climactic change between the regions.

Arkansas shares the same climate group as the other southeastern United States which is humid subtropical. This kind of climate has relatively mild winters and hot, humid summers. The southeastern part of the state is wetter and much warmer than northwestern part. Little Rock, the capital, which is located almost at the immediate center, on the dividing line, receives approximately 50 inches of precipitation each year.

At summer time, Arkansas becomes quite sultry; tropical air finds its way in from the Gulf of Mexico. The average high temperatures occur during the hottest months of the year, July and August. The temperature is averagely in the low 90 degrees Fahrenheit and highs can now and then reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit and above. Overnight lows decrease just into the low 70s. High humidity makes it even hotter. Luckily, cold breeze passes at times, providing short breaks from the intense heat.

Due to such variations during the summer months, and the fact that there is a trend in increased hot and humid temperatures, water activities become more spontaneous and opens up to tourists and locals looking to take a break from the heat.


Swimming is one of the more popular activities in Arkansas state parks. Family-friendly pools, clear lakes, sparkling streams, and swimming holes are just a few of the refreshing places to swim. About seven state parks come with public swimming pools which are easily accessible.


Arkansas becomes one of the best destinations for a vacation on water during summer time. There are over 600,000 acres of lakes and nearly 9,000 miles of rivers and streams. Fishing at quiet float streams is perfect for catching small mouth bass or some lakes which are known for their large mouth bass hot spots. Piloting a party barge, enjoying exploration of coves in fishing boats, or skiing while being pulled behind by a powerboat are just a few of the recreational opportunities available.



Mountain Bike Trail of Oak Ridge becomes a popular cycling spot during summer. Along the bike trail are dirt roads, stream crossings, and long down-hills. The circle trail permits cyclists to decide between two levels of difficulty. Clockwise cycling is a bit difficult with strenuous uphill slopes while counter-clockwise is much easier and suitable for casual or recreational riders.

Hang Gliding

Hang gliders are drawn to Arkansas’s high point which rises above the Petit Jean River Valley and the Arkansas River Valley.

There are two hang gliding events held each year at Mount Magazine State Park, one of which takes place in summer during the ending of August. A summer time at Arkansas can be stressful and sweaty when indoors but, with so many recreational and fun activities available to reduce the heat in so many great state parks, and Arkansas summer becomes quite interesting.

Hand gliding isn’t for most people, I certainly wouldn’t want to try it!